Saturday, December 12, 2009

Princess Kylie Sings

Kylie performs with the singing group, The Choral Collection.  This peformance was at the Festival of the Trees in Sandy, Utah. 

Some recent memorable Kylie comments:

"I love my mudder named Mom!  She is a happy mudder."

Referring to Daddy's "smell spray" to Mom, "This is for your prince!"

Kylie: "My tummy aches."
Mom: "Why?"
Kylie: "Because my tummy says, 'Feed me!  Feed me!'"

Kylie to Mom, sitting on floor: "I want to hug you down" and pushes mom down and lands on her.

Kylie: "Mom, get Carter in deep, deep trouble."
Mom: "Why?"
Kylie: "He said a bad word."
Mom: "What did he say?"
Kylie: "Buttface."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

After several friends and family have entered the Blogging Age, I've decided to join the ranks of the manic blogger. In memory of my high school experience, I have named this blog "Running on Empty" after my column in my school paper. It described me then, and it still rings true today...I go and go and go, just like the Energizer bunny.